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Ask The Expert: How Can We Keep People Interested In Our Process?

by Grainne A. Matthews, Ph.D.

“How can we keep people interested in our process?” is a question frequently asked by those dedicated souls working long and hard to maintain their behavioral safety process but whose colleagues may ask, “Why should I keep participating?”

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Using Your Behavioral Skills to Increase Operations Performance and Profitability:

Capitalize on Your Investment in BBS!

by Jerry Pounds

Behavior-based safety (BBS) has taught us that we can solve a performance problem by identifying, very specifically, the behaviors we want from employees and the behaviors we want them to stop. For instance, when we use behavioral problem solving in behavior-based safety, we identify a specific safety behavior that will decrease injuries—like putting on fall protection when working above four feet.

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Common Problems with Behavior-Based Safety Processes: Leadership Participation

by Terry McSween, Ph.D.

In the last newsletter I shared the data collected from a group of 35 construction and maintenance contractors that used active behavior-based safety peer observation processes. In this article, I continue the topic with data from a different audience. The data presented in this paper come after the same discussion with attendees at the 2012 Behavioral Safety Now (BSN) conference.

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Creating A World-Class Safety Culture with Independent Skilled Craftsmen

by Angelica Grindle, Ph.D.

The Goal—Develop a World-Class Safety Culture

Novinium® provides cable rejuvenation services to the aging infrastructures of large industrial and utility companies. Due to their patented process for extending the life of underground cables, they have experienced phenomenal growth—expanding eight-fold in the last six years. The majority of Novinium employees are electrical linemen who work in the field delivering cable rejuvenation services.

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