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Visible Safety Leadership

Strong Leaders are Critical for Sustained Injury and Fatality Prevention at All Organizational Levels

Through what they do and what they choose to focus on, leaders shape the culture that drives performance and influences the systems and processes that create safety outcomes. The result is world-class safety performance that drives operational excellence. Quality Safety Edge’s Visible Safety Leadership solutions develop safety leaders who drive world-class safety performance by:

  • Ensuring a more consistent level of attention to safety
  • Building supervisors’ and managers’ commitment to safety
  • Creating better accountability at each organizational level
  • Ensuring consistent implementation and sustainability of your safety management system

Visible Safety Leadership Workshop

During this workshop, leaders will learn the how to drive world-class safety performance including: 

  • Why employees make decisions that put themselves or others at risk of injury 
  • How to give positive feedback and discuss concerns 
  • What critical behaviors are necessary for true safety leadership
  • How to prompt, monitor, and increase those critical safety leadership behaviors
  • How to cascade safety leadership behaviors at each organizational level
  • How to focus on important safety issues in meetings
  • Develop personal action plans to support safety leadership 

Visible Safety Leadership Executive Coaching

Take your Visible Safety Leadership skills to world class levels with coaching from Quality Safety Edge. Our QSE consultant will meet with your leaders individually or in small groups to:

  • Develop customized safety leadership plans that define the leadership behaviors that are critical to achieving your organization’s safety goals 
  • Build accountability for safety improvement through all levels of the organization 
  • Receive personalized, real-time coaching on your safety leadership skills

Customized Leadership Development Services

Every organization is unique and has different leadership development needs. Quality Safety Edge can help by creating specialty workshops and customized solutions for your leadership development initiatives. These solutions are customized to assist you in meeting specific goals such as:

  • Building engagement with employees 
  • Having positive feedback conversations with employees 
  • Pinpointing and improving key performances 
  • Reducing Turnover 
  • And more…

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