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Behavior-Based Safety

Empowered Employees • Cutting Edge Safety Culture • Sustainable Change

  • Do you want to get your employees meaningfully engaged in safety improvement?
  • Do employees sometime take short cuts when no one is watching?
  • Do employees talk to one another in a way that consistently encourages safety?

The last century has brought amazing breakthroughs in how organizations manage safety and reduce incidents. However, despite more training programs, signs, job-aids, procedures, and policies, people are still getting hurt. When we analyze these incidents, it is often clear that someone could have done something to prevent or lessen the severity of the incident. This is our opportunity! Organizations can significantly reduce their incidents by implementing systems designed to engage employees, increase the consistency of safe practices, and pro-actively remove barriers to safety. This is Behavior-Based Safety!

Behavior-based safety is a method to actively engage employees in promoting safety improvement in the workplace. It involves identifying practices critical to reducing injuries. These practices are then compiled into a checklist(s) that employees use to conduct peer observations and provide positive feedback to increase the consistency of safe habits in the organization. Employee teams analyze information from the observations to develop action plans that remove obstacles to safe practices and promote continuous improvement in safety. The result? A world-class safety culture where engaged and empowered employees take responsibility for their own and others safety through conversation, positive feedback, and continuous improvement. Learn more about Behavior Based Safety here.

Quality Safety Edge is the recognized leader in Behavior-Based Safety

With thousands of implementations in 27 countries over the past 30 years, Quality Safety Edge is the recognized leader in developing customized and sustainable solutions to engage employees, align behaviors at all organizational levels, and create world-class safety cultures. Whether you need help creating a new customized BBS process, want assistance in a component of your process, or want to enhance your existing process, Quality Safety Edge is here to help with customized solutions designed to meet your unique goals and needs.

Implement a New Behavior-Based Safety Process

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