The Most Comprehensive Observation Training Series Ever Developed


The "Observations & Feedback Video Series" consists of six, 15-minute DVDs, a full color Leader's Guide and one Student Workbook.  It’s simple, straightforward delivery is easy to understand and simple to follow.

  • Module 1: Observation Preparation—Strategies to Succeed
  • Module 2: Observation Strategy—Seeing is Believing
  • Module 3: Positive Feedback—Going Beyond Safes
  • Module 4: Concern Feedback—No Negatives
  • Module 5: Dealing With Resistance—Focus on Behavior
  • Module 6: Observation Evaluation—Continuously Improving

This informative series provides specific overviews of each step in the observation and feedback process that can be utilized:

  • to revitalize interest in conducting observations during monthly tailgate meetings;
  • to generate more effective peer-to-peer dialog; and
  • to increase the nature and quality of feedback from your checklists.

Video Previews

What Others Are Saying

A perfect fit for our program; it's surprisingly thorough and we liked how Terry reinforces each step and demonstrates how to apply it.

I've reviewed hundreds of training videos and this is one of the best; it's short, clear and to the point.

It's ideal for our workforce; the real-life workplace examples reinforce the message in a way that's easy for them to understand.

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