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Customizing Behavior-Based Safety to International Cultures

A global economy is no longer a future vision, but a reality and a necessity. However, doing business internationally requires much more than mutual commerce; it requires in-depth customer knowledge. With 30 years’ experience, Quality Safety Edge has developed customized solutions for clients in 27 countries.

Not only is QSE’s ability to work with different cultures and languages a key factor in our clients’ decisions in choosing us to help them meet their goals, but our clients are delighted that we customize our solutions to their local culture, business, and industry. In short, we come in as partners. We work collaboratively with our clients to customize solutions around your management style, your company culture, and your unique goals.

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Three Types of Behavior-Based Safety: One Size Does Not Fit All

A user on one of the behavior-based safety (BBS) sections of recently stated that he thought BBS was one of the “simpler” elements of an organization’s safety management system. Though I did not respond at the time, I considered that this comment was probably made by someone whose only experience with BBS was a STOP system, or one of the other relatively basic observation programs promoted by a number of organizations and practitioners.

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Behavior-Based Safety Participation: Mandatory or Voluntary?

By Tarek Abousaleh

When deciding on a behavior-based safety (BBS) process, it is important to take into account more than simply whether there is a need for behavior change in order to reduce incidents and injuries. In addition to recognizing the need for members of the organization to join together in taking responsibility for reducing incidents, an analysis of the rules and contingencies of the workplace should be completed.

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S.T.A.T.: Safety Today Avoids Tragedy

In 1998, the Thunder Creek Gas Services, LLC Company was established with just over a handful of employees as a joint venture to build a gathering and transportation system for natural gas in Wyoming’s Powder River Basin. Since that time, the enterprise has grown into a successful organization of currently almost 40 employees with locations in Gillette and Douglas, Wyoming, and Denver, Colorado.

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