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Keys to a Successful Behavior-Based Safety Process


Keys to a Successful Behavior Based Safety Process whitepaper 1

Avoid The Most Common BBS Mistakes with This Free Whitepaper. 

An old adage in quality improvement efforts was, “Do it right the first time.” That statement is particularly relevant when it comes to behavior-based safety. As a good friend of mine likes to say, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” 

This statement is also relevant because behavior-based safety is much harder the second time around. Once you lose credibility in this kind of effort, getting it back is very difficult.

This short white paper addresses the typical problem areas companies struggle with when implementing a BBS process.

These include:

• Lack of logistics planning and preparation
• Generic or irrelevant checklists
• Inadequate training
• No systematic use of observation data for improvement planning
• Little or no reinforcement to support the process
• Poor leadership participation and support