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Data Entry and Analysis Tools

Data Entry Tools

Enter your observations in the way that works for you!

SOPA®’s easy-to-use web-based system allows users to enter your observation data in multiple way including:

  • Manually enter paper checklists on your computer
  • Scan your paper checklist into SOPA Scan for rapid data entry (in SOPA Gold)
  • Enter observation data directly into your Android device even without an internet connection using SOPA Anywhere® (in SOPA Gold)

Data Analysis Tools

Turn data into information!

SOPA®’s optional selectors enable you to conduct meaningful analyses to help you remove barriers to safety and encourage participating in the process by allowing you to filter for variables such as:

  • Department 
  • Location
  • Shift
  • Time
  • Observer name 
  • Role (leaders or committee members)
  • Employee type (contractors or employees)
  • Team or sub-group
  • Checklist used

Safety Improvement Tools

Maximize the impact of your safety observation data!

SOPA®’s safety improvement tools allow safety teams or leadership to use your observation data to pinpoint behaviors to improve, determine the barriers to safe behaviors, and to track the success of initiatives designed to remove those barriers.

  • Safe practices (percent and frequency)
  • Concerns (percent and frequency)
  • Behavior trends (safe and concerns)
  • "Drill-down" pareto charts of concerns by shift, location, department, etc. and corresponding comments
  • Comment reports
  • Feedback tracking
  • Action item tracking

Process Improvement Tools

Celebrate and Recognize!

The success of your Behavior-Based Safety process depends upon people participating in the process by doing observations. SOPA®’s process improvement tools allow users to track participation and easily determine when goals have been met and participation should be recognized and celebrated!

  • Training: Number and percent of observers trained 
  • Participation: Number and percent of observers meeting participation goal 
  • Observation history for observers 
  • Number of observations by individual 
  • Recognition: Customizable reports of observers meeting participation goals