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Michael Johnson

mike johnson qseMike Johnson is Vice President, Domestic Sales for Quality Safety Edge (QSE). He is also the program chair for the annual Behavioral Safety Now (BSN) conference.

Mike worked for 28 years in the manufacturing industry and for the past 14 years has sold and implemented behavioral science-based tools for business. His experience includes junior and senior management positions in zinc, brass and aluminum die casting, steel fabrication and assembly, furniture manufacturing, apparel manufacturing, off-shore sourcing, urethane and cast iron wheel manufacturing, performance management, and production systems improvement.

A member of the ASSE, Mike enjoys working with frontline employees to get them involved and committed to making their jobs and work environment safer and more productive.

Mike has a BBA from Eastern Michigan University and an MBA from the Babcock School of Business, Wake Forest University.

The saddest days of my manufacturing career were those when one of my employees got hurt. The day I was introduced to the application of behavioral science to human endeavors, my life changed forever. To borrow a slogan from a past client, “Zero (accidents) is possible.” I absolutely love having the privilege of introducing and talking about behavioral safety to those who could benefit from it.—Mike Johnson

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