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JP Martinez

JP Martinez is a Senior International Consultant with Quality Safety Edge. He has successfully designed, implemented, and evaluated safety and quality behavioral improvement systems in a wide variety of organizational settings. His industry/field experience includes the petrochemical industry, power generation, manufacturing, the medical industry, human services, electric and gas utility, and multiple types of heavy industry. He has worked with such clients as Kuwait Oil Company, Tasnee National Industrialization Company, BP, Archer Daniels Midland, Phifer, Consumer’s Energy, First Energy, and the Kellogg Company. JP specializes in the integration of behavioral technology with Lean Six Sigma, Operational Excellence, and World Class Manufacturing systems, emphasizing a data-driven approach to behavioral change.

JP is a regular invited speaker at conferences and seminars, both domestically and internationally.  He has had the great fortune of sharing his knowledge in a broad assortment of industries and geographic regions, ranging from the United States to Asia and the Middle East.

JP completed his undergraduate work at Davidson College and received his master’s in Organizational Behavior Management from Western Michigan University.