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Jerry Pounds

Jerry Pounds is President, International Division for QualitySafety Edge (QSE). Jerry has 40 years of consulting and coaching experience in the areas of behavioral analysis and performance improvement.

He has designed and implemented hundreds of strategic performance improvement initiatives in almost every major industry category such as agriculture, aircraft, automotive, insurance, manufacturing, mining, pharmaceuticals, and retail. His clients include Maritz, Ford Motor Company, Wal Mart, Blue Cross-Blue Shield, Volkswagen, Cominco Mining, Miller Brewing Company, Kroger, Vought Aircraft Industries, Agrium Industries, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, United Technologies, and many other Fortune 500 Companies.

Jerry specializes in the development of behavior-based recognition systems and award-winning performance and quality improvement initiatives. He has published in a number of business magazines and management Websites.

Jerry earned his BA in English Literature and Psychology from Georgia State University.

It’s not just the world’s evolving humanism that makes the difference in safety; it’s the evolving recognition that safe companies are profitable companies. The safer you are the more profitable you can be. The world is seeing that having safe employees is good business. —Jerry Pounds