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Beth Austin, Ph.D., BCBA-D, MBA

Beth FoateBeth Austin, Ph.D., BCBA-D, MBA is Senior Project Manager for QSE.

Beth is an experienced project manager and has implemented successful Lean and BBS processes in a number of industrial settings. Her behavioral systems approach has been designed for and successfully applied in manufacturing, oil and gas, call centers, power plants, refineries, defense, aerospace, and maritime. Her extensive client list includes Archer Daniels Midland, Bobcat, CITGO, Devon Energy, Kaiser Permanente, Kuwait Oil, Lockheed Martin Aerospace, Thunder Creek Gas Services, Tyco Plastics, and Western States Equipment Company.

Beth is past president of the Alabama Association for Behavior Analysis (ALABA) . With 15 years of experience helping her clients improve quality, process flow, inventory, teamwork, and safety, she also presents to professional organizations on the principles of Lean, Performance Management, and Behavioral Safety. Beth has workshop and training experience with Lean Manufacturing, and works with diverse audiences ranging from top executives to front-line employees. She has facilitated numerous Lean kaizen events and has developed innovative training, feedback, recognition, and reward systems for numerous performance improvement projects.

Beth is the co-developer of BBS Essentials®, a product which enables small companies to reduce the time and manpower required to implement a behavioral safety process. Her career has taken her to BBS implementations, workshops, and speaking engagements in the United States, Greece, Norway, South Korea, China, Kuwait, and Moscow. She has published in the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis.

She completed her undergraduate degree in psychology from San Diego State University and received her MBA and a doctorate in psychology from Auburn University.

Employees often say that leadership doesn’t communicate with them, so I try to increase communication throughout every behavioral safety design. I start out by asking every team, ‘How are you going to keep everyone informed? How are you going to communicate about the process?' —Beth Austin

QSE Profile: Beth Austin, Senior Project Manager