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Antonio Fiorilo

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Antonio Fiorilo is an Industrial Engineer with master degrees in Occupational Risks Prevention and Safety & Industrial Hygiene with postgraduate specializations in Behavior Based Safety, Operational Manager and Cost Management.

It was as an Industrial Engineer that he worked as a consultant, developing and evaluating Agro industrial Projects and before spent almost 10 years in an American Company of Gold Mining, becoming a mine superintendent.

The last 19 years have seen Antonio working specifically in safety, with 10 years as Safety and Environmental Manager of Archer Daniel Midland in charge of Bolivia and the Andean countries, and another 7 years implementing Behavior Based Safety throughout the U.S. and South America (Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, and Paraguay).

In all of those work experiences, he has successfully planned, organized and implemented, BBS and their related activities.  He has worked closely coaching presidents, directors, managers and employees of the company and their suppliers and contractors.

In the past seven years alone, Antonio has successfully trained approximately seven thousand people ranging from front line employees to senior leadership and top-level executives.