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Safety Action Planning Workshop

Are you using your observation data to remove obstacles to safety?

Behavior-Based Safety observations provide a wealth of information which can be used to proactively remove obstacles to safe practices. But how? While many organizations have vast amounts of safety data from BBS observations, many are not sure how to use this data effectively. Others may be creating safety action plans but do not have the skills to analyze behavior and determine what solutions will be successful.

We can help! Quality Safety Edge can provide your steering committee with the knowledge and tools needed to systematically analyze BBS observation data and create safety action plans that effectively remove obstacles to safe practices.

Safety Action Planning Workshop topics include:

  • Analyzing observation data
  • Prioritizing opportunities for improvement
  • Determining the obstacles to safe practices
  • Problem solving behavior
  • Developing effective solutions
  • Implementing and evaluating your plans success
  • Follow up support is also available
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