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Behavior-Based Safety Champion at Foster Wheeler: Donna Armstrong

Donna Armstrong, Values Based Safety Coordinator, BSMART, Foster Wheeler (Houston)

Donna Armstrong is our Safety Champion at Foster Wheeler in Houston, Texas. Foster Wheeler, an engineering and construction company, began designing their BSMART (Behavioral Safety Management and Recognition Techniques) process in 2006 during a period of rapid expansion for the company. Donna has been invaluable to the company’s challenging implementation process from the start.

For Donna, volunteering is an important part of life at home and at work, and she explained simply having a “natural instinct to volunteer.” When the company asked for employee involvement in the safety process, she immediately jumped at the opportunity. A VBSP training session, headed by Dr. Grainne Matthews, really “struck a chord” with her, and as she learned more she became invested in the VBSP and dedicated herself to its success at Foster Wheeler.