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Taking Your Safety Culture to The Next Level with Values Based Safety® Webinar

The last century has brought amazing breakthroughs in how organizations manage safety and reduce incidents. However, despite more training programs, signs, job-aids, procedures, and policies, people are still getting hurt. When we analyze these incidents it is often clear that someone could have done something to prevent or lessen the severity of the incident. This is our opportunity! Organizations can significantly reduce their incidents by implementing systems designed to increase the consistency of safe practices – Values Based Safety®.

What is Behavior Based Safety and what does it mean to an organization? Join us for this informative 45 minute webinar. If you are just embarking upon or are currently in the initial stages of this type of safety process, you will learn the core components of Values Based Safety® and the steps involved in its implementation.

This webinar is designed for individuals interested in using the topic information in their organizations. Providers of consulting services may not attend.

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