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How to Increase Engagement in Your Quality Initiative

Quality-related initiatives such as Six Sigma, Lean, and Operational Excellence can potentially add huge value to performance. But leaders often discover that the “people side” of quality is the most important, and the hardest. They wish for more ownership of quality and a “want-to” culture. Initial gains fade, and they find themselves re-training, re-emphasizing, and re-invigorating. They want stronger quality habits, more process adherence, and more engagement.

The missing ingredient is the behavior-based approach. Behavioral Quality Improvement applies the science of behavior to quality. Quality processes can be maximally effective—more engagement and sustained gains—when they are supplemented with Behavioral Quality Improvement. How can you spot if your quality initiative has a behavioral “blind spot”? How can you enhance your quality initiative by building in behavior-based practices?

Join Quality Safety Edge for this informative 45-minute webinar. You will learn how to increase engagement in your quality process, sustain the effort, and take it to the next level.

How to Increase Engagement in Your Quality Initiative by Adding Behavioral Quality Improvement

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