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How a BBS Process Can Drift Over Time and How to Reboot Webinar

Behavior-Based Safety processes are sophisticated initiatives with numerous key elements that include voluntary observations, observation checklists, one or more steering committees, observation data analysis, individual and group recognition for observers, safety action plans for improvement of safe behavior, and so forth. It is possible that, over time, these elements may drift away from their original design. This can lead to reduced participation and fewer observations, and have a suboptimal effect on safe behaviors.  

What are common ways that a BBS process can drift, and how can you reinvigorate and reboot your BBS process? Join us for this informative 45-minute webinar. You will learn how to assess your BBS process to spot elements that may have drifted, how to decide if you need a minor or major reboot, and how to design a BBS rebooting plan.

This webinar is designed for individuals interested in using the topic information in their organizations. Providers of consulting services may not attend.

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