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Behavioral Safety Steps for Supervisors®

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How does your organization try to improve supervisor leadership skills?

There are workshops and seminars that propose to improve supervisor safety leadership skills and some also claim to improve employee engagement in safety. Trainers try to present information in an entertaining manner or use creative techniques to keep workshop participants awake. The problem is that conventional workshops, seminars, and training all are unable to create sustainable, organization-wide behavior change that leads to performance improvement. The workshop approach misses the many consistent small steps required and the necessary formation of supervisor-employee relationships. The workshop approach cannot provide the teamwork, the rehearsal required for safety fluency, the discovery of insights, and the personal level of effort required to create new value-added behavior.

Bob Foxworthy has over 40 years of experience working in organizations to produce high performance safety supervision. He has developed a change and improvement process that successfully transforms supervisors into safety leaders capable of engaging employees in safety. His upcoming webinar will explain his new approach to supervisory learning and change.

Behavioral Safety Steps for Supervisors® develops leaders with skills in:

  1. Employee engagement, building stronger supervisor-employee relationships
  2. Fluently recognizing and anticipating safety risks
  3. Stimulating employee learning discussions
  4. Building teamwork to reduce or remove risks and hazards
  5. Improving workplace safety using Behavioral Methods

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